Dear student
I welcome you to the institute Ramabai Ambedkar Govt. Degree College, Gajraula, Amroha. It is an institute of academic excellence and achievements. It was established in 1996 and is considered as one of the finest college of Bareilly University. It is devoted to impart higher education to youth in India, which is very substantial, potent and conscientious task.

As food, clothing and shelter are the three basic needs of human beings but education is the main tool to achieve these three basic needs and ultimate goals of life. Hence education should be provided to everyone and it should be imparted to all without any discrimination.
It is my wish that student should impart all round education. They should develop multi dimensional personality. We provide students an environmental that is rich in knowledge and supportive of their intellectual development. The purpose of our institution is to make an individual expert in one’s field. It is for all those who can easily teach those and can set an example for the next generation.
It is wonderful to look back at the last few years at Ramabai Ambedkar Govt. Degree College, when there is so much to feel proud of and so much to celebrate. Last few years have been extremely successful and satisfying; we have organized two national seminars. One from English Dept. & second from Physical Education Dept. This college has a tradition of excellence in sports and extracurricular activities in which our student continue to bring medals in different activity, at zonal level year after year. The student of this college has been posted at different spheres. We are proud of them. We want our student to not just be critical thinkers, but enablers.
We want them to identify solution to unsolved problems in society, by making full use of the recourses provided by this great Institution. This will help them to evolve as great individuals and add to the rich legacy of the college.
I conclude, I would like to address the need for humanity in all of us; the teachers are passing on the torch to the next generation. Let’s do this with utmost respect and humility to all.

Best Wishes!
Dr. Rais Ahmad