The purpose of Rover Ranger is to help students achieve a holistic development in life and promote the cause of unity national integration in its members.

The team of Rover & Ranger has secured the Governor Award for best team of the state. A 3 day event of the Rover & Ranger was also organized for, the students to equip them with camping techniques, awareness programs and earring leadership qualities

Rover & Rangers strive hard to achieve the prime objective of Bharat Scout & Guide to render their service for the betterment of Society and their own personality. Various activities were organized to attain the pre-requisite objectives. For environmental protection, plantation was organized by Rovers & Rangers. Three days camp was scheduled at College premises every year according to university schedule to provide various trainings like tent making, gadgets making, Drill and march-past as well as equipped the students by various skills so that they are capable to confront the odd circumstances of life feeling of humanity is invoked by awareness rallies.

Patriotism and awareness towards nation are very indispensible for everyone survey for this “Hum Aur Hamara Rashtra” is organized under the banner of Bharat Scouts and guides in which rover & rangers and students of RBA are participated with great fervor and enthusiasm. This survey has been conducted over one thousand people of different categories in Gajraula including politicians, Police, Administrative officers, House wives, Teachers, Students, Lower class, social worker, professionals etc.

Awards of different categories were announced in the area of best discipline, best uniform, best social worker, best leadership, best performance, best attendance best march-past, popular Rover, Popular Ranger.